Visual Poetry

Based on "Ersilia" from Italo Calvino's Invisible Cities, the story describes a set of people who inhabit an area and establish connections among themselves with the means of white, black, grey and black and white threads. These threads are connected from the walls of their dwellings, forming life-sized webs. When these webs become too dense and complicated, the inhabitants leave in search of a fresh dwelling space.

The goal was to create a poster that used typographic elements while at the same time conveying the subject of the story through the poster.
The overall concept was to use the story itself as a physical structure,
much like the walls and houses in the city, and to replicate it like blocks,
representing the structures of the city. The common elements were then connected within each block, based on verbs, adjectives, nouns, metaphors, similies and other deeper connections or relations that exists between the words.

Typeface: Univers