Film Comment Special Edition

Film Comment Magazine, as the name suggests, caters to film and related media. This was to be a special edition for the magazine which traces the history of the art of film posters in different countries, specifically  US, Poland, France, Germany and Japan.

The goal was to create a successful timeline of film posters, charting the evolution of the movie poster art form through style and imagery. The layout is a 16x44 poster. The cover of the magazine depicts all the posters that have been represented in the infographic.

While the poster conveys the evolution of the style of film poster art, the magazine elaborates the historical background of the art styles prevalent in the countries that were chosen and also the choice behind the movies represented in the poster.

Poster size 16"x44"; Magazine size: 8"x21"

Paper: 55lb, 36lb and 24lb, Matte
Printing: Full color Inkjet
Mounted and Perfect Binding