Internet Archive - Responsive Design

Internet Archive is a database that stores millions of gigabytes of information that is made free to the public. The audience is researchers, students and teachers, or those in the field of academia. On researching this topic, it was found that Internet Archive has a very disorganized and non cohesive look. It is also very confusing to navigate and has not kept up with the times, in that it is not responsive. Other archival websites have updated their pages to being responsive, which gives them an edge over Internet Archive.

As a part of an academic assignment, Megan King, Yan Zhang and Ankita Roy realigned the Internet Archive site. The goal was to create a responsive platform for Internet Archive. Although all the links do not function, this is a start to show the client how their website would work if it were designed the way it has been done. This serves as a demo version, which they can expand upon. The team developed the following pages: (1) Home (2) Texts (3) Audio (4) Video (5) Wayback (6) Software (7) My Account.

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