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The goal of this project was to create time tables of travel routes from Atlanta to Cedar Rapids by exploring the relationships between visual elements and typographic hierarchy. The first step was a strictly typographical based time table. The second step utilized more graphical elements, representing the data in terms of visual information. The last step involved taking all the information and data and converting them into an app, where a user can search for travel information by price, departure times and trip duration.

graphic timetable.jpg
Interactive_Timetable_CID2 copy.jpg
Interactive_Timetable_CID22 copy.jpg
Interactive_Timetable_CID23 copy.jpg
Interactive_Timetable_CID24 copy.jpg
Interactive_Timetable_CID25 copy.jpg
Interactive_Timetable_CID26 copy.jpg
Interactive_Timetable_CID27 copy.jpg
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